A beneficiary visa may be granted to a spouse, permanent partner, parents and children under the age of twenty-five (25) years financially dependent on the holder, upon proof of ties or kinship, or economic dependence. If the eldest son is twenty-five (25) years old, disabled and can not stand up for her/himself, s/he will be a visa holder as a beneficiary. In these cases, the beneficiary occupation will be ‘home’ or student. Not other occupation shall be authorized.

Only the holders of the following visas may have beneficiaries: 

  • Business Visa NE:
    • NE-2
    • NE-3
    • NE-4
  • Temporary Visa TP:
    • TP-3
    • TP-4
    • TP-5  
    • TP-7
    • TP-9
    • TP-10
    • TP-15
  • Resident Visa RE:

The validity of the visa granted as beneficiary may not exceed that of the visa granted to the holder and it will expire at the same time as the first one, without an express decision of the competent authority.

If the beneficiary ceases to be financially dependent on the holder or loses its quality as spouse or permanent partner, or changes his/her activity; the holder must apply for the appropriate type of visa, after fulfilling the requirements for this purpose.

When the visa holder obtains Colombian citizenship through adoption or dies; the beneficiary may request the appropriate type visa in Colombia.

Description of the Sí Virtual process, the Colombian State Portal:



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