To the foreigner who wishes to enter, or has entered the national territory, who is considered a refugee or an asylee by the National Government, according to the Advisory Committee for the Determination of Refugee Status, and pursuant to the international instruments in force on the subject matter. With this Visa, the foreigner considered a refugee or an asylee shall be authorized to carry out any legal occupation in the country, including those developed by virtue of a labor relation or employment contract. In this case the duration of the visa shall be five (5) years.

El titular de la visa TP-9 quedara autorizado a ejercer cualquier ocupación legal en el país, incluidas aquellas que se desarrollen en virtud de una vinculación o contrato laboral. Esta clase de visa se expedirá sin perjuicio de los requisitos legales establecidos para el ejercicio de cada profesión u oficio en el territorio nacional.

The stay of the foreigner who is the holder of this visa shall be for its total duration.

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