TP 1: To the foreigner who wishes to enter the national territory in order to be a student, a student intern, a teacher, a graduate professional or technician, with the purpose of undertaking an internship, of being a lecturer or a language assistant, entering the national territory by virtue of cooperation agreements in force to which Colombia is a state party, or that are promoted by the “Mariano Ospina Pérez” Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad, ICETEX, or when it is evidenced that his/her stay corresponds to cultural or academic exchange activities.  

To the holder of a diplomatic passport who enters the country temporarily to undertake activities other than diplomatic in nature.

To the international juror of a master’s or a doctoral thesis; or as a lecturer, as an expert, as a guest to take part in processes and/or activities for the strengthening of research; or as a well-known international figure for the development of projects and programs that promote the transfer of knowledge and new technologies in different disciplines without any labor relation.

Within the framework of Law 1556 of July 9, 2012, through which "The national territory is promoted as the setting for filming cinematographic works,” the foreign artistic, technical and production personnel with the purpose of undertaking foreign film production projects.

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