The Ministry of Foreign Affairs may issue an NE-4 Business Visa to the foreigner who wishes to enter the national territory as the president or senior executive of a multinational company to make investments and create companies. In this case, the duration of the visa shall be five (5) years with multiple entries, notwithstanding the fact that the foreigner may request a shorter duration by virtue of the activity he/she will carry out in the national territory.

The stay of the foreigner who is a holder of this visa shall be of maximum one hundred and eighty (180) days, continuous or not, per year.

Note: The foreigner who is a holder of the Business Visa may not establish his/her domicile in the national territory and the activities carried out by him/her may not generate the payment of salaries in Colombia to the holder, except for the cases of the business visas granted within the framework of an international instrument in force, among others: a free trade agreement, an association agreement, the Pacific Alliance, pursuant to what has been set forth for the NE-2 Visa; the same exception is applicable to the NE-3 Visa.

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