This is a certificate issued by the Internal Nationality Working Group of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs based on information provided by its Central Archives, to the effect that, to date, Colombian nationality by naturalization either was or was not granted to a particular person.

Written request stating whether or not a person was granted Colombian nationality by naturalization, which must contain the following information:

Complete names of the person involved for verification as to whether or not he/she had Colombian nationality by naturalization, stating his/her original nationality.

Complete name of the petitioner and the family relationship with the foreigner for whom the certificate is required.

Address, city, telephone and electronic mail of the petitioner who, if he/she so wishes, may declare their willingness to receive the certificate by electronic mail.

Photocopy of the petitioner’s identity document


In Colombia:  in accordance with Resolution No. 1670 of 2011, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Rotating Fund, Tax Identification No. (NIT) 860.511.071-6, current account No. 0060703019 with Banco  .

Following payment, the applicant must go to the treasury of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Carrera 6 No. 9-43 of Bogota), to request the cash receipt or payment voucher to attach to the request for the Internal Nationality Work Coordination Group, International Legal Affairs Department to allow the procedure to be completed.

The certificate is issued within the fifteen (15) business days following presentation of the complete documentation and payment of the fee, for which the applicant will be contacted by telephone.

Colombian Consulates: Thirty United States dollars  (US$30). See our directory of consulates here.


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